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Florida, USA

Jimena Yantorno was born in Colombia, and immigrated to the US in the year 2000. She is a Spiritual Healer who's mission at this moment is to help others to re-connect with the Source "All That Is", by teaching tools and techniques for conscious living, creating Sacred Space, Self-knowledge and honoring all the Divine Manifestations and relationships. She has been studying for the last 20 years spirituality and healing techniques which are integrated in her practice. In the year 2007 she had a profound experience with Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron, while visiting Mt Shasta. This gave her more clarity about her mission. Jimena lives in Clearwater, Florida. You can email Jimena at -

Georgia, USA

Kathleen King has been a student of Archangel Michael and Ronna Herman since 2006. At that time, she made the commitment and decision to focus on the information provided in the books Your Sacred Quest and Scripting Your Destiny because they were that powerful. Kathleen has worked extensively with the Honolulu Church of Light and has been certified in their Signature Cell Healing technique. Starting in 2000, Kathleen began her apprenticeship in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross cultural shamanism from Peru, as taught by Oscar Miro-Quesada. She continues her practice in this earth honoring tradition and attends as many events and workshops as possible. Kathleen currently resides in the Atlanta metropolitan area where she regularly conducts classes in Archangel Michael's techniques. Please visit Kathleen's website You may email Kathleen -

Hawaii, USA

Arielle Leah Faith Michael has been doing energy work for many years and is a Reiki master, sound & crystal healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner. Having a deep love for children, a desire to serve and a passion for life, she followed the guidance of her angelic teacher, Archangel Michael, and founded "The Golden Angel Corporation" In May of 2008, she answered a strong spiritual calling to move to Waimea from Oahu and currently serves as Holistic Care Services Director at the North Hawaii Community Hospital. Arielle is a Certified QFM Teacher, Member of the QFM Advisory Board and Faculty. You can email Arielle -

New Jersey, USA

Wendy Ann
Wendy Ann Zellea is the author of three books and many articles on spiritual growth and is regularly featured in the Sedona Journal. She is a Karuna and MerKiVa Reiki Master/ Teacher and Quest For Mastery classes in the NJ area. Wendy Ann works closely with the Ascended Master St. Germain, but found that she strongly resonated with the teachings of Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn and Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman and has incorporated many of the practices of these teachings into her daily life. Wendy is a Certified QFM Teacher, presenting the teachings of Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman in small groups. You can e-mail Wendy Ann at or visit her website at

New York, USA

Rev. Bob Cofresi resides in Brooklyn, NY and because of his great love for Archangel Michael, Bob often refers to him as his big brother. Bob is a Reiki Master in the Usui modality, and a certified master teacher of Magnified Healing as brought to the planet by Lady Master Quan Yin. His passion is to create a City of Light on the Earth plane honoring Mother Gaia, and the spiritual hierarchy where Lightworkers from all the world may gather and teach and share their healing modalities with humanity. His first step was to establish a private charitable foundation known as UNIVERSAL LIGHT CENTER FOR COSMIC AWARENESS FOUNDATION, UNDER SECTION 501(c)( )3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Teachers and students who resonate with this concept are welcome to be active participants in this endeavor. Additional info on this project will be posted on as progress is made. Bob can be reached at

My Name is Max Ryan, and I am a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic and Intuitive Life Coach in New York City and my passion for myself and others is to continually find, experience and live in the FLOW OF LIFE and become the POWERFUL CREATORS that we are all meant to be ... and have FUN doing it! I come from an extensive background in Spiritual/Metaphysical Study, Education and Theatre. Originally from Los Angeles, I have trained under and worked with such authors and teachers, as Marianne Williamson, Sonia Choquette, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Medium/Psychic Lisa Williams, Sandy Forster and more. I am a graduate and hold two degrees from NYU. Besides, being a certified Quest for Mastery Teacher I am also a certified Reiki practitioner, Certified Inspired Spirit Life Coach and Certified Helpingprenuer. My website is:

Pat Crosby began her conscious spiritual journey in 1982 - making the first of many trips to India. There she encountered the ageless spiritual traditions of yoga and meditation. The next 25 years were deeply devoted to spiritual practices of meditation, silence, and meeting and studying with the great Masters and archangels of many planes. She travelled widely - studying and teaching Reiki, ascension and healing in 5 continents. She developed deep working relationships with spiritual guides, lightbeings, angels and Source. The call to visit and learn the mysteries of sacred sites took her to such far off sites as the Himalayas, Tibet, Kathmandu, India, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Peru. Archangel Michael has been one of Pat's main spiritual guides, teachers, and protectors. Pat offers workshops, classes, teleseminars, writings, and private sessions.Complete bio at: Founder of: and You may contact Pat @ or 845.434.3829

Pat is also offering a TUESDAY EVENING follow up teleclass - on the Tuesday following each INTRODUCTION TO ARCHANGEL MICHAEL'S WISDOM TEACHINGS webinar. You can find more details and register here:

Virginia, USA

Linda Robinson teaches personal growth and spiritual development based on esoteric and metaphysical concepts. She is a messenger for Archangel Zadkiel. Linda has been studying personal growth, spirituality, and metaphysics since 1978. Her exploration and study of different spiritual paths have led her to a universal path of Love and Light. She has studied various energy modalities and is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher. She presents spiritual seminars and workshops with an emphasis on Universal Law and teachings from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, including information she receives from them. Linda was first introduced to Archangel Michael/Ronna Hermanís messages in 2005. The information and techniques given in the messages have inspired her to new levels of spiritual awareness and insights. Linda is a Certified QFM Teacher and Member of the QFM School Faculty. She presents the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael/Ronna Herman in group settings. You can e-mail Linda at

Wagin, Western Australia

Kathleen Kaplin resides on a farm in Western Australia with her husband Wayne, two dogs and lots of alpacas. She has had a connection with Archangel Michael since early childhood. She has spent many years looking into various energy healing modalities and has also been closely involved with a 12 step program treating addictions. Her passion is with the Mineral Kingdom and Mother Gaia. She designs very special sacred pieces of jewellery. The designs come through meditation and then each hand selected stone informs her which piece it is to be assigned to. Through her jewellery she is helping form a planetary grid which will assist in the shifting of humanityís consciousness. She is a certified QFM1 Teacher and can be contacted through her website

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Hi, my name is Lynn and I started out on a spiritual path in the summer of 1970 and yet I feel like Iím just starting out. I had been reading AA Michaelís Messages through Ronna Herman, since about 2004, and shared them with friends. During a personal disaster AA Michael answered a prayer, and from then on my PASSION grew. I was led to Randy Monkís Becoming An Alpha Master, and the Quest For Mastery Program, I AM now in the 2nd Level of Archangel Michaelís Wisdom Teachings and completed Ronnaís Phase One of Opening to Channel. This is awesome, I sometimes just canít find the words to say how grateful I AM, for the Teachings that AA Michael has gifted His Sacred Scribe Ronna Herman to be made available to everyone and to become one of Michaelís Teachers. Love and Blessings, Lynn. You may contact Lynn @

Torino, Italy

Magda Cermelli is a professional translator, Master Reiki, astrologer, certified PEAT practitioner, certified QFM teacher and resides in the countryside of Torino (Italy). Her interest in metaphysics started in early childhood, at her fatherís death. Since then she has been wondering about the mystery of life and death and this brought her to search for information and guidance. She has been attracted by Archangel Michaelís wisdom teachings and since 2004 has been collaborating with Ronna Herman for the translation of Lord Michaelís monthly messages. She offers Archangel Michaelís wisdom teachings and techniques through classes and group meditations. She is also collaborating with other American Authors such as Steve Rother, Suzanne Ward, etc. For more information please visit her website You can e-mail Magda at

The Netherlands

Fabienne Fooij has her roots in the southern part of the Netherlands. During her quest for spiritual development, she feels blessed to have received initiations into various energy (healing) modalities: Magnified Healing, Prana Healing, Shamballa 13D, Munay Ki, Angel Light Facilitator, Integrated Energy Therapy, Oneness Deeksha and Senia Melchizedek energy. In 2011, the Quest For Mastery teachings meant a coming home for her. It is Fabienneís heartís desire to let adults and kids know the angels are here for them, and to hand them ways to work in unison with the angels to create a life of joy and harmony. She does this by giving QFM workshops and Angelkids workshops, in Dutch (live) and English (online). (English) and (Dutch).

North Island, New Zealand

Lynne Ralph lives in the sunny Bay Of Plenty Region of New Zealand. She was drawn to Archangel Michael / Ronna Herman messages in 2002. Lynne is a Healer and Teacher, offering Archangel Michael healings at Spiritual Expo's and has her own business designing Spiritual Websites. She runs her web design business under the spiritual name she was gifted early in 2008 - Michaela Adonai Web Design. Lynne has been appointed Web Master for QFM and Star*Quest by Ronna Herman and is a certified QFM Teacher and member of the QFM School Advisory Board and Faculty. You can email Lynne -


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